Work In Progress: Controlling Chelsea (working title)

Chelsea Ashby has built a business for herself as an internet personality. Companies pay her to go on adventures, host their parties, try their new products and then tell everyone about her awesome experiences via her blog and social media. In order to keep up her image, Chelsea’s connected to the world via social media 24/7 and there only a few aspects of her life she won’t source as material for her website. Through sheer hustle, she’s built an enviable life but is starting to feel the effects of being a public figure.  When her biggest teenage crush, who was also witness to her biggest personal humiliation, Ian Black seeks her out, Chelsea’s drawn into an intense relationship as Ian’s submissive.

After a disastrous date that ended with Ian telling Chelsea she needed a spanking six years ago, Ian hasn’t been able to fully purge Chelsea from his mind. Ian’s idea of a relationship is extremely traditional. He’s looking for a lady in the street but a freak in the bed. He’s convinced Chelsea could be his perfect submissive but her lack of concern for keeping her private life private and insistence on being connected 24/7 leaves him questioning what she really wants.

When Chelsea’s careless actions encourage an unexpected, unwanted event she’ll have to decide what’s most important to her .

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