About Linzy

Linzy Antoinette is a pen name for the Queen of Inappropriate, Prying Questions. She writes irresistibly naughty erotic romance full of power exchange, dominance and submission.

The writer behind pen name can barely walk in heels, so always runs around in flats. Her idea of a perfect soda is a 32 ounce fountain coke consisting of 25% regular coke, 75% diet coke and a small portion of ice. Ideally, this perfect beverage should come from her local Zaxby’s on a daily basis. She never drinks red wine, only sweet white wine and she’ll one day over dose on vanilla cupcakes.

When it comes to her personal romance, she’s married, lives in Atlanta and will likely brag on how attentive her husband is in bed if the topic comes up. If you stick around long enough, the subject of sex will always come up.




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